Monday, February 6, 2012

Beat News - Community Development in Swale

The Beat Project is thrilled to start a new project in Swale.

We will engage and work with marginalised / at risk / excluded young people through creative and enterprising activities (e.g. music, arts, drama, performance & business) through structured but inspiring and fun courses.

Our focus is designed to :
. Build self esteem & confidence
. Improve skills
. Gain qualifications
. Improve motivation & aspiration
. Support those most vulnerable
. Improve employment opportunities
. Provide further education & training
. To confront & address behaviour issues
. To encourage respect & citizenship
. Encourage positive involvement and respect for the wider community
. Bring a sense of purpose & meaning

We are confident that this approach will bring significant and positive changes to the lives of young people in the Sittingbourne area. We are passionate about this work and aim to help bring about a better future and life for all within the local community.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Beat News - The Beat Project at Kent 4 U Choices event - 14&15 of March 2012

The Beat Project is thrilled to be part of the Kent 4 U Choices event, taking place on the 14th of March for students in Years 9, 10 & 11 and on the 15th of March on the 15th of March for Job Seekers, General Public, students in Year 12 +, Parents / Carers, College & University Students.

We will offer exciting music and cultural workshops including DJ, Vjing, and present our all range of activities to tackle disadvantage and support young people and communities.
Please the page of the event here to see the list of participants